Four Post Lift for Rail Truck Assembly System

Four Post Lift for Rail Truck Assembly System


Handling Specialty worked collaboratively with a transportation company to design and manufacture equipment to be used in the testing and assembly of railcar bogies (also called wheelsets or trucks).This was a custom project requiring extensive collaboration between the customer and Handling Specialty’s engineering team, to ensure the equipment met the customer’s precise requirements. 


  • High efficiency ballscrews provide smooth, quiet, efficient, high speed operation
  • Synchronization of the lifting screws ensures that the platform remains level during the entire vertical travel
  • Redundant brake motors provide backup braking should the brake on one motor fail to engage
  • Self aligning screw mounts allow the ballscrews to self align to the lifting jacks, ensuring proper alignment and maintaining their expected life
  • Actuation provides precise motion, accurate positioning and ability to maintain vertical positioning for extended periods of time


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